Tamborine Mountain Scarecrow Festival 2014

Header Tamborine Mountain Scarecrow Festival 2014

Festival Dates Friday 17th – Sunday 19th October 2014.

Tamborine Mountain Scarecrow Festival -- Prizes - Live Music - Family Fun - Arts & Craft - and more...

The Tamborine Mountain Scarecrow Festival is an annual event to celebrate the great lifestyle we enjoy on the Mountain and want to share with our visitors. It is essentially a huge Sculpture Show with the subjects being Scarecrow related!

Everyone and anyone is encouraged to make a scarecrow and display it on the 'Spot the Scarecrow Discovery Trail' or in front of their homes or businesses. The Scarecrows on the Discovery Trail can compete in several categories, for great prize money and local fame. Young, old, clever and artistically-challenged all participate and the result is hundreds of scarecrows that have to be seen to be believed.

The competitions aren’t confined to Scarecrows – there's colouring, poetry, entertainment and performance art, so there really is something for everyone. Exploring the Scarecrow Trail and spotting the scarecrows is best done at a leisurely pace so you can enjoy everything Tamborine Mountain has to offer on this special weekend.

On Friday October 17th, the scarecrows need to be out very early – ready for the teams of judges to inspect and decide on winners.

Festival Dates - Friday 17th – Sunday 19th October 2014.

2014 Scarecrow Festival Schedule

Friday 10th October
Entries for the poetry and colouring competitions close at 12.00 pm

Sunday 12th October
Poetry entry recitals at Marks & Gardner @ Secret Garden 3.00 pm.

Friday 17th October
All Scarecrows competing are to be out on the Discovery Trail by 10 am ready for the teams of Scarecrow Judges.

Saturday 18th October
Scarecrow Display all day

10am – 2 pm - Entertainment along Main St

Sunday 19th October
Scarecrow Display all day

10 am – 4 pm - Entertainment throughout Gallery Walk
4 pm – Entertainment @ The Brewery and Presentations of Prizes.


Thanks to our EX-STRAW-DINARY Sponsors for 2013. An Excellent reason to Shop Locally to support the great businesses who support the Festival.

People competing for prizes with the scarecrows have them registered 1 week earlier, and securely in place early on the morning of Friday 18 so they are ready for appreciation by the judges and the early-bird visitors! But it's not just the scarecrows in competition – there's colouring, poetry and entertainers and the value of the sponsorship encourages so many people to enter!

Our Wonderful Sponsors for 2013

Registration Details

  1. Scarecrow Registration - Scarecrow Registration opens on Friday, September 26th and registration closes Monday 13th October.

    The Categories are...

    • Celebrity
    • Family
    • Traditional
    • Creative
    • Business
    • Primary School/Kindy
    • Association or Service

    Registration Forms may be picked up from the following locations..

    • Visitor Information Centre - Doughty Park, North Tamborine
    • Tamborine Mountain Library - Main St, North Tamborine
    • Granny Macs Fudge Store - Gallery Walk, Eagle Heights
    • Eagle Heights Post Office - Southport Ave, Eagle Heights

    Registration is FREE, however you do not need to register to have a Scarecrow on the trail, but only registered Scarecrows will be eligible for prizes and MUST be displayed on the trail.

    Colouring Competition

    Registration forms for the Colouring competition are now available at the following collection points..

    • Visitor Information Centre - Doughty Park, North Tamborine
    • Tamborine Mountain Library - Main St, North Tamborine
    • Granny Macs Fudge Store - Gallery Walk, Eagle Heights
    • Eagle Heights Post Office - Southport Ave, Eagle Heights

    Poetry Competition

    For the Poetry Competition, entries need to be dropped into one of the entry boxes at the collection points listed above, with your name & contact details.

    Colouring & Poetry competitions close Friday 11th October.

New 2014 Scarecrow Trail - bigger and better!

The Scarecrow Trail has been extended and with scarecrows peering down from trees, parachuting into gardens, hiding behind fences and climbing ladders to rooftops it's become 'Spot the Scarecrow Discovery Trail'. Plan to take your time so you don't miss the special something that every scarecrow has.

Map Tamborine Mountain Scarecrow Festival Trail 2013

To view or print yourself a copy of the Scarecrow Trail, click (or right click & select) on this PDF link Tamborine Mountain Scarecrow Festival Trail 2014 to open a large easy to read file that you can view or print.

Please use the Google Interactive Map below to find your way about Tamborine Mountain or get directions to and from your location.

Street Entertainment

This is some of the street entertainment fun from previous years – if you would like to be a part of the 2014 Festival entertainment please Email Us or call us now +61 7 5545 3595.

Curtis our lovable and adorable ambassador

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How To Make a Scarecrow

You or a friend could dress up and sit in a wheelbarrow or rocking chair OR .......

For a BASIC Scarecrow you will need:

For the Head - A 2 litre juice container, plastic bags, hesian bag, pillowcase, straw, bubble wrap, plastic bags, rags, straw for stuffing.
Wire, glue, rope/twine, safety pins, hat

For the Body skeleton - 2 Sticks of timber: such as brooms, rakes, mops, bamboo poles, garden stakes
Hammer & nail or glue or rope or pantyhose to make 2 sticks into a cross

For the Body - overalls, shirt, trousers, belt, jacket/vest
More stuffing
Gloves, boots

Instructions for a VERY BASIC Scarecrow.

  • Take the 2 pieces of timber and glue, nail or securely tie to make a 'cross'
  • The horizontal piece ( ---) will form the arms and the vertical piece( I ) will be the body - so keep that in mind when positioning the horizontal piece so your scarecrow has the right proportion of head and body, UNLESS you want him/her to look REALLY WEIRD.
  • If you use a broom or mop you will instantly have a face and hair!
  • The upper bit of the cross will support your scarecrow head. Make the head from an empty juice container secured onto the neck of the stick, or a plastic or Hessian bag or pillow case stuffed with rags, straw or bubble wrap, plastic etc.
  • The face can be drawn on with felt pen, or buttons, felt, milk bottle tops or stuff from a craft store.
  • When you are happy with the look of his head, tie, glue or wire this onto the neck of the cross.
  • Next is the body. The horizontal part of the cross are the arms. You can wrap stuff around them for stuffing, or put a shirt on first and stuff the shirt to get the shape you want (muscles, beer belly, curvy).
  • Secure the shirt to the trousers using safety pins, buttons, sewing, a belt or a rope. Put stuffing into the trousers for the shape you want. Tie the wrists and ankles so the stuffing doesn’t fall out.
  • Add gloves and boots, or sandals and socks, claws or flippers. . . .
  • Pop a hat of some sort onto your scarecrow head and you have the basic scarecrow. Congratulations if you stayed with us!

Next time you can really let your imagination go wild – visit your local op shop and keep an eye out for bits and pieces that make your scarecrow really WOWISH.

P.S. Ask permission from mum before you raid her wardrobe for great scarecrow dressups or she might get mad and look like a scarecrow herself!!

Go to Tamborine Mountain Scarecrow Festival for lots of inspirational photo ideas!